Photos Of Genital Warts

We’d like to show you some photos of genital warts to help you recognize the condition. Be advised, though, that these photos are pretty graphic. You should also be aware that the appearance of genital warts can vary somewhat from individual to individual, depending on the number of warts, the exact location of the warts, skin tone, individual anatomical differences and other factors. That means you could have the condition but it might not look exactly like a picture of genital warts that you see here.

There are some other conditions that may look similar to genital warts, such as a skin disease called molluscum contagiosum, skin growths caused by advanced syphilis, skin cancer and benign tumors. These conditions pose different health risks and respond to different treatments. If you have questions about your condition or your diagnosis, see your doctor.

Photos of Genital Warts in The Vaginal Area

Cluster of Vaginal Genital Warts
Photos of Genital Warts in the Vaginal Area

As you can see from these photos, you might have only a few small flesh-colored bumps in the vaginal area or you might have large clusters of warts. You might also have warts inside the vagina or on the cervix where they cannot easily be seen. Genital warts like these may bleed during sexual intercourse or during childbirth. You may also experience itching or discomfort in the vaginal area.

Photos of Genital Warts on The Penis

Genital Warts on Penis
Photos of Genital Warts on the Penis

These photos show you what genital warts might look like on the penis. They can appear at the base of the penis, along the shaft or on the head. Men can also have genital warts on the scrotum.

Photos of Genital Warts in The Anal Area

Photos of Genital Warts in the Anal Area
Anal Warts

These photos show you what genital warts might look like in the anal area. As you can see, you might have only a few warts or you might have large clusters. Genital warts can also be found on the perineum, the area between the vagina and anus in women or between the scrotum and anus in men.

Genital Warts in the Mouth and Throat

Genital Warts in The Mouth And Throat

According to Planned Parenthood, genitals warts are far less common in the mouth or throat, but you can get them there. It’s difficult to see warts in your mouth and especially in your throat, but they can grow there.

What Should You do?

What should you do if you have warts that look like a picture of genital warts that you see here? You should begin treatment as soon as possible to prevent the condition from worsening, to prevent itching and discomfort, and to lessen the risk of spreading the condition to any partners. If you’re not sure about your diagnosis, though, you should see a doctor to confirm that you have genital warts and not some other condition that looks similar.

If you do have genital warts, you have a number of treatment options, including:

Prescription creams. Some must be applied by a physician but others can be applied by you at home. Use exactly as directed and be sure to apply directly to warts, as they may cause irritation or discomfort if they get on unaffected skin.

Electrotherapy. Physicians can burn off warts in order to remove them.

Cryotherapy. Physicians can freeze off warts, as well.

Laser therapy. This is usually reserved for severe cases or for cases in which warts cannot be removed in other ways for some reason.

Natural Remedies. Many people prefer natural remedies for genital warts, for a number of reasons. They carry a much lower risk of side effects, they are generally affordable, can be purchased without a prescription and don’t need to be applied by a physician. Not all natural remedies are safe for use on the sensitive genital area, though, so read the label carefully before using.

Our Favorite Natural Remedy

Our favorite natural remedy for genital warts like those shown here is Terrasil Wart Removal Ointment. Its unique combination of natural ingredients soothes irritated skin while safely removing warts. Follow this link to the Terrasil Website to learn more.

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